China Takes the Development of High-Tech Industries Seriously

Chinese government has promulgated new policies to stimulate the development of the software and integrated circuit industries recently. According to the central government’s website, software companies will have privilege of enjoying the preferential value-added taxes. The new policy in terms of the integrated circuit firms stipulated that enterprises of IC products whose product line is no more than 0.8 micron wide will be exempted from corporate income taxes on the first and the second year, and halved other taxes from the third to fifth year. While for companies that have operated for over 15 years, corporate income taxes will be exempted from the first year to the fifth, and other taxes will be halved between the sixth and tenth year after reaching profitability. The income taxes for integrated circuit manufacturers with a less than 0.25 micron wide product line or a more than 8 billion RMB production investment will reduce accordingly.

The 12th Five-Year Plan daft was past on Saturday and it said China also encourages foreign investment in high-tech industries such as modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, energy-efficient and environmental protection, new energy and modern services in which foreign companies could participate in the merger and acquisition of domestic enterprises and establish research and invention centers in China.
Another important technology is the internet which is being used by most people nowadays. Internet are required to be fast and up to date, which is especially important for IT support companies. The huge amount of information, the convenience, and the fast speed, all made the internet the backbone of our life. You don’t have bother looking for information you need in the book or newspaper, all you have to do is entering your keyword and the search engine on the internet will make you get what you want in seconds. Internet also plays a vital role in communication. We send message to friends, chat with them wherever and whenever. It seems nothing is impossible to do by this technology.

Nothing is perfect, so is the Internet. With threats from virus, hacker, and cyber crimes, the IT infrastructure has affected greatly despite protection from all kinds of anti-virus softwares. Many new products and ways are introduced to enhance the internet technology.

In order to regulate the Internet market, more than 130.000 internet cafes operating without the proper license were closed down over the past six years, which is a part of the Chinese government’s long-term efforts. In 2011, under the circumstance of industrial upgrading and structural adjustments, the internet cafe market of China will continue to experience hardships. Chinese government promise to regulate the order of the market by promoting large internet cafe chains. The related integrated circuit is MA738.

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