Free Backup Software: What Is It Good For?

If you read some message boards, they would have you believe that the greatest thing in the world is free backup software. After all, from their comments, you get to protect your computer and files effectively and do so on the cheap. Unfortunately, many of the people making these comments are those who are very tech savvy and their experience and knowledge is far different from the regular user. Here, we take a look at some of the things they “forgot” to mention.

1. You better like reading instruction manuals.

One thing these tech savvy experts forget to mention is that the free versions offer little support. This is because they have no budget. Remember it is a free service. This means you will have to do all the searching for answers when things break down. This may not be as big of an issue for those who are well versed in the terminology but for most people, this is something new to them that they frankly are not interested in learning anyway.

2. Need to use two different software programs.

Did they also mention that you won’t just be able to use one software program like with the better paid options, but you will actually have to use two. That is right, you will end up having to do double the work just to get the same result and this is just to get process started. You already recognize that you will have to do far more work if something goes wrong.

3. Have time on your hands.

Only if time is on your side will you like the fact that you will have to be spending all this extra time waiting for these runs to finish. That is right, the free software is also slower. This means even to perform its basic tasks it will take longer requiring you to wait long. Most people don’t appreciate this as many people are simply looking for a solution that will not take time away from them. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the free options do.

4. Don’t need special features.

Also, the free options won’t have the ability to let customers do the runs as they would like because the customization is limited. This is one reason why the runs take longer. There is simply no incentive for these programs to updated consistently to where they can match the features of the paid versions. The result is you lose something significant here. You will have less control over your runs. You also will not be getting cutting edge changes as these software programs are always laggards that are far behind what the paid versions can do.

Considering all these different things, it is easy to tell why free backup software is not all that it is hyped up to be. Fortunately, paid options can deliver the goods and do so at an affordable price.

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